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About L&K


 L&K Engineering Company has evolved from a traditional building and laboratory air condition design and installation company, then becoming a pharmaceutical cleanroom and whole plant design / installation service provider, finally to a competitive local cleanroom constructor in high-tech semiconductor industry.  L&K started earlier as a leading company to compete with foreign cleanroom constructors in Taiwan's market; the growth and evolution of L&K closely followed the booming development of cleanroom industry in Taiwan .

The chairman of L&K, Mr. Kenneth Yao, leads the company with a competitive advantage by insisting on excellence,innovation and creativeness.  Since the very beginning of the company, L&K has dedicated to the R&D on construction processes of cleanroom.  Now L&K is not only a leading company in market share of cleanroom industry in Taiwan, but also induced local competitors to the Taiwan market which was solely occupied by foreign companies, vitalized the local market of cleanroom industry as well.
¡@¡@L&K Engineering Company was founded by Mr. Kenneth Yao, the incumbent Chairman, in December, 1978.  The initial capital was NT$5,000,000.  Because of the limitation of capital, experiences, technology and man power, the initial business was limited to the medium and small sized air conditioning, electrical and plumping projects.  L&K started to develop technology for biological and industrial cleanrooms from 1980 and increased its capital to NT$15,000,000 in 1981 to meet the demand of professionalism in the market.  L&K started to take on several mechanical / electrical and cleanroom projects from military research Labs and large GMP pharmaceutical factories.  By 1985, L&K had successfully completed several whole plant mechanical / electrical, process and cleanroom projects in the pharmaceutical industry.
¡@¡@Semiconductor cleanroom design and construction is a professional service with high-level administrative control of technical integration and engineering application.  In the past, the local market of semiconductor cleanroom construction was monopolized by foreign engineering companies.  Facing such an adverse market condition, from 1989, L&K had dedicated, in the next ten years, all possible resources to penetrate the market and become a major player.  The effort included establishing R&D department, TAB team and manufacture factory, uniting the management team, developing fundamental and practical skills of planning, design and construction, and acquiring technical knowledge, advanced systems and materials.  Moreover, the company achieved professional capability of R&D and TAB by investing heavily on advanced testing and balancing instruments in that period.
1990 was the starting year that L&K actively involved in semiconductor cleanroom construction. Having just completed a new manufacturing plant of British Glaxo– Wellcome and a relocated manufacturing plant of American Taiwan Cynanmide, which were GMP Pharmaceutical plant-enhancement promoted by Taiwan government, L&K management team, experienced in design and construction of HVAC, M&E and cleanroom systems, was eager to redefine the future direction, and to develop the road map for standardization.  While other local companies stayed in traditional HVAC and M&E installation, L&K was equipped with whole-plant construction capability of semiconductor cleanroom and ready for exploring new business opportunity in other sectors.
¡@¡@After completing the GMP projects promoted by Taiwan government, and preparing for the readiness to penetrate into other industries, thus L&K successfully secured the milestone project, installation of class 100, 1000 cleanroom, M&E and process, from UTIC Corp. Taiwan.  From that on, L&K became a major constructor of whole plant M&E, process and cleanroom projects in semiconductor industry, and completed the following projects: 
*Advanced Microelectronic Products, Inc.  
*Episil Technologies Inc.   
*Picvue Electronics, Ltd. 
*United Microelectronics Corp.
  Fab I Alterations work, M&E, process and cleanroom whole plant projects.
*Prime View International Co., Ltd
  TFT-LCD project. 
*Unipac Optoelectronics Corp. & Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.
  Cleanroom planning, design and construction projects
*United Silicon Inc.
  8" wafer whole plant cleanroom planning, design and construction project.(1998)
*Chi Mei Optoelectronics
  FAB I CF/ LCD/ LCM Cleanroom Phase¢º Project (Turn-Key Base) in Tainan Science Park.(1999) 
¡@¡@The above mentioned achievement, which was resulted from ten-year continuous endeavor, was the proof of competition between local and foreign constructors, L&K's persistent improvement in professionalism eventually changed the market environment which was previously monopolized by foreign companies.  Meanwhile, the company was nurtured and tested for a long time, and finally recognized by domestic high-tech industry.  The transformation of market share from foreign companies to local competitors proved the cooperation of domestic industries did promote the growth of local company, such as L&K, encouraged L&K management team to have a mission toward a world-class construction company, and a vision of sustainable existence.